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© Stiftung Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Dortmund

© Stiftung Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Dortmund


The U-Tower building was erected in 1926/27 to a design drawn up by the architect Emil Moog and was immediately one of the most imposing buildings in the Ruhr. It embodied the Dortmunder Union’s importance as one of the leading breweries in Europe as well as the equal status that brewing held in Dortmund at that time, alongside the coal and steel industries. The four-sided “U” was designed by Ernst Neufert and added to the tower’s roof in 1968 and has been an emblem of the city ever since, greeting those travelling to Dortmund from afar, and providing a landmark for the city’s night-owls.

A Symbol for the
structural change

The U-Tower was for 67 years a production facility for beer and therefore symbolizes not only a structural change initiated by culture, but also an important chapter in the economic history of the city of Dortmund. The changeful history of Dortmund's brewing industry in general and of the "Dortmunder Union" brewery in particular, which was Germany's largest brewery vor decades, has always been tied closely to the history of the city.

Text: Dr. Karl-Peter Ellerbrock
Stiftung Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv

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