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The Flux Inn within the collection display Body & Soul / Photo: Roland Gorecki

The Flux Inn within the collection display "Body & Soul" / Photo: Roland Gorecki

The collection display Body & Soul / Photo: Roland Gorecki

The collection display "Body & Soul" / Photo: Roland Gorecki

The collection display Body & Soul / Photo: Jürgen Spiler

The collection display "Body & Soul" / Photo: Jürgen Spiler

Museum Ostwall

The Museum Ostwall (MO) is the museum of the city of Dortmund for the art of the 20th and 21st century. For 60 years it was located "Am Ostwall", today its collection is part of the Dortmunder U - Center for Art and Creativity.

On levels 4 and 5, exhibitions with works from the museum's own collection and permanent loans are presented on a regular basis and are dedicated to life-related themes. From Expressionist painting and Fluxus works to contemporary video art and photography, works by artists are presented that enable connections to our own everyday lives and reflect on the world we live in through the medium of art. An important role is played by art education offerings that enable visitors to become active themselves and to try out various creative forms of engagement with art. 

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Art education 

The art education department of the Museum Ostwall continuously offers bookable events (e.g. art courses for children and young people, art workshops and exhibition talks for school classes and daycare groups, guided tours for adults) and events on fixed dates (e.g. public guided tours, special events).

More Information can be found here

Information is also available by e-mail and telephone at:

0231 50-27791 or 0231 50-25236

From 08 February 2020, the new collection presentation entitled "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth" will be open to visitors. Admission is free!

RuhrKunstUrban - Museum finds City 

A new mediation project of the RuhrKunstMuseen

Duration 2019 - 2022

Education programs of the RuhrKunstMuseen such as Collection Tours, the development and coordination of a joint school matrix and RuhrKunstNachbarn have deepened and enriched the cooperation as successfully implemented offers. Following on directly from the RuhrKunstNachbarn project, the new educational program RuhrKunstUrban, once again funded by the Mercator Foundation, is increasingly focusing on the urban environment of the students and striving for a publicly visible project in the respective urban space. The examination of the diversity of urban spaces holds great potential in terms of content and offers valuable impulses for artistic processes in the work with students.

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Museum Ostwall

Acting Director Dortmunder U / Museum Ostwall: Dr. Stefan MühlhoferTel +49 (0) 231 50-22159
Deputy Director MO: Regina Selter Tel +49 (0) 231 50-25243

Information and booking of art education offers: +49 (0)231.50-25236

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