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U-Tower Picture Clock

U-Tower Picture Clock

Flying Pictures

A Film installation by Adolf Winkelmann

roof top, outside: U-Tower picture clock

Film maker Adolf Winkelmann created on behalf of the City of Dortmund a uniue film installation. A huge media facade called U-TOWER PICTURE CLOCK illuminates the U-Tower building using 1,7 Mio. LED spots on the rooftop, giving travelers and nighthawks orientation. Winkelmann creates the sense of a space behind the colonnades and fills it with life, with imaginary water or with beer. Every hour on the hour it is inhabited by large pigeons. As a secular church tower the U-Tower is intended to give signs of light, signs of life, sketch silhouettes of human motion onto the sky above the Ruhr. The observer looks into the building’s interior as though through a gauze, which is more or less transparent, depending on the weather, the season and the light conditions, indeed different from minute to minute.


The film staging continues in the stairwell, making even a ride on the escalator an experience. The installation invites the visitors to explore the museum storeys or to have a look at the creative workshops. Nine virtual image windows open up on the vertical art space’s internal wall. They take the form of small square holes in the concrete, facing outwards or inwards, over three storeys. These image windows are the stage setting for the people of the Ruhr, for their attitude to life, their desire, their language.



Winkelmann Filmproduktion GmbH
Disselhoffstraße 14
44141 Dortmund

Phone: +49(0)231.427-1117
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