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Dear visitors of the Dortmunder U,

due to the Ver.di warning strike our house will be closed on 20.10.2020. 

All courses and events are not affected and will take place regularly.

We ask for your understanding...


Dear visitors,

we are pleased to inform you that our roof terrace is now open for you again.

You can reach it during our regular opening hours via the glass elevator to floor 7.

We wish you a beautiful view...


75 years ago, on 6 August 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. On this occasion, Adolf Winkelmann, creator of the "Flying Pictures" at the Dortmunder U, has asked the Japanese artist Junko Wada for a...


From today, June 12th, the MOOG Garden will be open again from 5 pm.

Depending on the weather, the MOOG Garden welcomes you with cold drinks, delicious food and a holiday feeling at the pool.

IMPORTANT: As there are only a...


You only need access to the Internet and can experience art in its entirety? - Yes!

With the project "Der erste Kontakt", the Dortmunder U, together with initiator Harald Opel (head of storylab kiU at the Fh Dortmund), the Kulturforum...


On Saturday, June 13th, it's time again: Once again we will stream a concert from our library "Weitwinkel".

Presented by our "Sommer am U"- partner "Rekorder" you can expect a great view and fabulous music - this time from "Dr. Gong...


The Dortmunder U shows heart in the crisis: From 26 May, visitors to the art and creativity centre will be provided with a free mouth-and-nose protection. The stylish black masks feature the logo of the Dortmunder U as well as a heart-shaped...

The Corona pandemic interrupted the life of the population for several weeks, but everyday life is gradually returning.

The Dortmunder U has been a hotspot of digitality not only since the Corona pandemic.

For its 10th birthday, the Center for Art and Creativity has now given itself and its fans an additional homepage, on which the...


60 years friends of the Ostwall Museum // 9 May to 30 August 2020

Museum Ostwall in Dortmund U (shop window), level 5, Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, 44137 Dortmund

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