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Since the beginning of November 2020, the Dortmunder U, like all other cultural institutions in Germany, has been closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. During this period, attempts were always made to create alternatives and to make the program of...


The "flying pictures" on the Dortmunder U are shining again: After a good three months, the renewal of the work on the roof has been completed. Around 6000 louvers fitted with LEDs were successfully replaced. Now new control modules...


Unusual times call for unusual formats! This year, the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Dortmund and the Dortmunder U therefore invite you to the first digital International Women's Day on March 8 from 3 p.m. onwards. 


Pigeons and fish, black and yellow foosball figures and foaming beer or a clear statement against the right: For ten years the "Flying Pictures" have been shining out into the world from the Dortmunder U. The installation consisting of 1.2...


On Friday, November 13th, the exhibition "Recht und Würde" of the UZWEI at the Dortmunder U won a Dieter-Baacke Award in the category "Intercultural and International Projects"!


The Museum Network of the RuhrKunstMuseen (RKM) has elected two new spokespersons. Peter Gorschlüter and Regina Selter are the spokepersons of the network of 21 art museums in the region for the next three years. 



Dear visitors,

unfortunately we have to inform you that the "Family Sunday" is cancelled.

Due to the Corona Pandemic we unfortunately have to cancel the "Family Sunday" planned for 01.11.2020.

Although the Dortmunder U on...


We have good news: Our "Kleiner Freiatg" event series, which is part of our anniversary program in 2020 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Dortmunder U, will be continued in 2021! 

Next year, there will again be a colorful program...


You don't want to miss any more highlights at the Dortmunder U and always be informed about what's going on in the house? Then our ultimate utopian newsletter is just the right thing for you!
No matter if you are interested in events,...


Dear visitors,

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that, within the framework of the measures adopted by the Federal Government and the Federal States to contain the Corona Pandemic, the entire Dortmund U will be closed from November 02...

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