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Von Max Beckmann bis Nan Goldin: MO eröffnet Ausstellung „60 Jahre Freunde des Museums Ostwall“

60 years friends of the Ostwall Museum // 9 May to 30 August 2020

Museum Ostwall in Dortmund U (shop window), level 5, Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, 44137 Dortmund
For 60 years the association "Friends of the Ostwall Museum" has accompanied the MO. The museum has spectacular acquisitions to thank for its support: a painting by Max Beckmann, a sculpture by Hans Arp, or nearly 500 objects and documents from Wolfgang Feelisch's Fluxus collection. A selection of the purchases, including three newly acquired works by the US artist Nan Goldin, will be on display until 30 August in the exhibition "60 Years of Friends of the Ostwall Museum" in the shop window of the MO. It and an accompanying publication provide an insight into the work of the association. 

The association "Friends of the Museum am Ostwall" emerged in 2001 from the Stiftergesellschaft zur Förderung des Museums am Ostwall in Dortmund. The Stiftergesellschaft was founded in 1960, inspired by the board of the Freunde Neuer Kunst.
In the decades that followed, its members made targeted acquisitions possible. In 2015, for example, they succeeded in buying back a painting by Heinrich Nauen that had been confiscated by the National Socialists in 1937 and later reappeared on the art market.

Support for research into informal art

Since the 1990s, the Friends have promoted research into informal art - financially, ideally, but also through their scientific support. The results of this work have been published in four knowledge- and material-rich volumes on the art of Informel. Representative of this is a colourful painting by Fred Thieler, which welcomes visitors on entering the room. The painting was acquired by the Friends for the museum in 2005 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the founding director Leonie Reygers.

Milan Knížák, Robert Filliou and George Brecht

The works of renowned Fluxus artists also occupy an important place, represented in the exhibition curated by Natalie Calkozan by works from Milan Knížák, Robert Filliou and George Brecht. Another area is devoted to the MO art prize "Follow me Dada and Fluxus", which has been awarded by the Friends of the Ostwall Museum since 2014 to strengthen and expand the focus of the Fluxus collection.
The selected works in the exhibition thus refer on the one hand to the various sponsorships of the Friends and on the other hand show the diversity of their donations. Even though the exhibition is primarily concerned with the works of art, the space should be more than just a presentation area. A comfortable sitting area with a sofa and armchair invites visitors to simply sit down and chat - just like with friends - or to let the art take effect on them in peace.

Anniversary publication

The publication "Zuhause bei Freunden! 60 Years Friends of the Ostwall Museum", which sheds light on both the history and the future orientation of the association. In addition to a list of acquisitions, there is more detailed information on the works of art that will be shown in the anniversary exhibition in the MO Schaufenster. 

New acquisition for the 60th anniversary

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Museum Ostwall can look forward to an outstanding new acquisition. Together with the cultural institutions, the Friends of the MO have acquired three photographs by the US artist Nan Goldin (*1953), which will be added to the museum's collection.  Starting in May, one photograph each will be presented for three months in the collection presentation "Body & Soul". 

The work of Nan Goldin

"To me, taking pictures is a way of touching someone - a form of tenderness," Nan Goldin once said. In her work, the artist deals with life in all its banal and dramatic moments in an intense and sensitive way. Her portraits document in a very personal and blunt way the stories of women and men who left their bourgeois lives to find happiness beyond restrictive moral concepts. Beauty, sexuality, glamour, but also death and violence are mercilessly captured. 

Since 1978, the artist has lived mostly in New York, with longer stays in Berlin. It is her life, the lives of her friends in the New York subculture of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals that Goldin records in diary form with her camera.

Nan Goldin is the winner of the 5th Ruth Baumgarte Art Prize and has been ranked second in the international ranking of the world's most influential personalities on the art scene by the British art magazine ArtReview, published for 2019.
The three works purchased for the MO are:

The three works purchased for the MO are:

  • Nan Goldin (1953): Misty doing her make-up, Paris, 1991
  • Phillipe H. and Suzanne kissing at Euthanasia, New York City, 1981
  • Jimmy Paulette after the parade, NYC, 1991The museum Ostwall is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 11 to 18, Thursday/Friday 11 to 20.

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