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U-TOPIA EVENTS 2012 - Festival for music, art and technology| DORTMUND | NOV.2012

This new festival in and around the Dortmunder U from the 10th until the 24th of November presents electronic clubnights, audiovisual concerts, media culture, workshops and lots of more.

U-TOPIA is the new festival for music, art and technology, which for the first time takes place in and around the Dortmunder U. About 30 partly international well-known acts form on three multimedial nights and two concert nights the whole band of electronic music considering experimental sound to the point of topical relevant movements in the scene of club culture. Climax of the program is the performance of the famous experimental electronic group Mouse on Mars, who will perform an exclusive club concert in the FZW with a manning of three people including an extra drummer and fascinating visuals. Further acts are Oval (Thrill Jockey), Frank Bretschneider (Raster Noton) and Thomas Köner (Mille Plateaux). For the party nights Andhim (Terminal M), Efdemin (Dial), Carsten Jost (Dial) and Ümit Han (Traumschallplatten) promise a diversity of ambitious clubsounds far away from common dance experiences. In addition to this the organizers proud to present local protagonists like Sensual Physics, Mahan, Julian Thomas, Rother/Nusch, Mike Dnmk, Marsen Jules, N and the Dubbuccaneerz. Exciting workshops for musicians and producers dealing with topics like self distribution, digital music production or mastering as well as two free DJ-lounge-nights will round the whole program up. Furthermore the exhibition "Sounds Like Silence" of the  HMKV opens for the festival guests at an extraordinary time of day - namely by night. Whether as musicians or host, the curator of U-Topia Martin Juhls is well-known for his unusual way of thinking against common practices: On two evenings the foyer of the Dortmunder U will intentional metamorphose into an audiovisual concert- and clubroom, in which the artists will perform in a 6*4,5 meters large projection screen on one day and in front of a colossal low-resolution-LED-screen on the other. For the visual realisation are amongst others the VJ-crew Impulskontrolle and the VJ Nicolai Konstantinovic from Cologne responsible. The festival is hosted and arranged by the association "Digitale Künste e.V.". In the context of the Kreativ.Quartiere the U-TOPIA-festival will be aided by the ministry for family, children, youth, culture and sports of the federal state NRW as well as of the Dortmunder U, the Kulturbüro, the Wirtschaftsförderung and the Jugendamt Dortmund.

Information about the program:

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