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Buchcover Adolf Winkelmann - Die Bilder, der Boschmann und ich

Buchcover "Adolf Winkelmann - Die Bilder, der Boschmann und ich"

Three evenings with film director Adolf Winkelmann: "The pictures, the Bosch man and me".

On three evenings in October and November, film director Adolf Winkelmann will be a guest at the Dortmund Adult Education Center and present a stage program based on his recently published biography. 

The events will take place on October 6 and 27, as well as on November 17 at the Kino im Dortmunder U. 

Winkelmann's conversations with Boschmann and actor and moderator Till Beckmann open up a fascinating look behind the scenes of filmmaking. They recount an artist's life in the Kohlenpott region, from his childhood beginnings with the traveling group of the Helmholtz High School in Dortmund to the Carpathian Mountains, Moscow and New York. 

"Winkelmann is a cult with brains and heart and his book enchants all around", Elke Heidenreich sums it up in her review. 
Prior registration at (event numbers: 212-51100, 212-51102, 212-51103) is required. 

More information about the event can be found HERE

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