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Foto: KoeperHerfurth

Foto: KoeperHerfurth


The Corona pandemic interrupted the life of the population for several weeks, but everyday life is gradually returning.

Museums, galleries, art associations and exhibition rooms opened their doors again at the beginning of May and cultural life has already begun. Nevertheless, many freelance artists* are struggling with the resulting losses and the continuing insecurity: Exhibitions are postponed or even cancelled, contact restrictions make studio visits more difficult, and part-time jobs are also disappearing at the moment. So it remains to be seen how this situation will affect Dortmund's cultural life in the long term.

In the past weeks, however, there have been numerous digital offers to discover art at home. One, mostly free of charge, opportunity was created to be inspired despite the monotonous and unfamiliar everyday life.

There is a clear trend: people are longing for art and culture!

With StayHomeBuyArt a contribution is to be made to close this financial gap of the freelance artists* in order to not only create art, but also to be able to live from it. It is a great wish that the interest in art as well as the direct support in one's own city becomes a matter of course again.

StayHomeBuyArt offers a wide range of different works by Dortmund artists* - from paintings to graphics, such as drawings or prints, photographs, objects and smaller sculptures - there is something for everyone. These are unique pieces, but also limited editions. Editions are works of art that exist several times, but are also cheaper. In general, the smaller the edition, the higher the price.

Use this unique opportunity and order your new favourite work of art directly to your home.

In this way you support artists* who are freelance artists and who depend on the enthusiasm for art and the purchase. Of course all proceeds from the sales go completely to the artists.

You are not only doing something good for the artists but also for yourself: Enjoying art within their own four walls.

StayHomeBuyArt was brought to life by the three Dortmund-based artists Roland Baege (freelance photographer), Jonas Herfurth (graphic artist, KoeperHerfurth) and Linda Schröer (curator and project coordinator) and is financially supported by the Kulturbüro Dortmund. The "Künstlerhaus Dortmund" as well as two Dortmund companies have helped with the implementation and Dortmund cultural institutions such as the "Museum Ostwall" or the "Dortmunder Kunstverein" have supported by nominating the participating artists*.

So: Stay Home! Buy Art!

Author: Dana Radix

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