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Nothing is allowed anymore? Satirical stand-up comedy with Florian Hacke at Kleiner Freitag


Whether on Facebook or in real life, on TV or on the street, from complete strangers or at family gatherings, people are constantly saying, "You can't do anything anymore!" But is that really the case? Are you not allowed to do anything anymore? The shocking truth is: Yes, you are, says stand-up comedian Florian Hacke at the next "Little Friday" in the Dortmunder U: "If you're not just rushing, slandering or denying the Holocaust, you're allowed by law to do almost anything. But do you have to do it just because you're allowed to?"

The simple answer, "No." And while some are therefore (once again) prophesying the downfall of the West, Florian Hacke is not the only one who thinks it's simply a question of empathy. Satire is allowed to do that, too. Without raised index finger, but with much dark humor it bores in its new program in the wounds of the petty bourgeoisie, exposes right indignation exactly the same as left biting reflexes and steps the future refuseniks verbally and with run-up in the face.
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Kleiner Freitag" takes place every Thursday from 7 p.m. at various locations in and around the Dortmunder U.

Author: Katrin Pinetzki

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