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Idan Hayosh - the RUNWAY (lamps #29) (Foto:Roland Gorecki)

Idan Hayosh - the RUNWAY (lamps #29) (Foto:Roland Gorecki)

Loud, garish, aggressive: MO art prize winner Idan Hayosh shows light and sound installation in the Museum Ostwall

For the sixth time already, the Friends of the Ostwall Museum have awarded the MO art prize "Dada, Fluxus and the Consequences". This year, the Israeli artist Idan Hayosh was chosen. On the occasion of the award ceremony on 15 December 2019 at 11 a.m., the artist will install the light and sound installation "the RUNWAY (lamps #29)" in the Oberlichtsaal on level 6 of the Dortmunder U. It can be seen until 15 March 2020 and can be walked on for 15 minutes on the hour.

Idan Hayosh's installations are confrontational: loud, garish, aggressive. With their strictly formal arrangement, they are reminiscent of military weapon presentations; the arrangement of the objects seems both aesthetic and threatening. They challenge the audience: light and sound overwhelm us. Are we strong enough to face this challenge?

The installation "the RUNWAY (lamps #29)" consists of spotlights whose electronic currents are translated into sound. What at first seems like the harmless presentation of a lamp manufacturer becomes an attack on our senses when switched on: Gleißendes Licht blinds the viewer, the sound produces a 90 decibel thick noise wall, which makes us involuntarily retreat. Suddenly we are thrown into an alarm situation that is frightening and at the same time fascinates us with its beauty. One has to endure this installation in order to fully experience its effect, both physically and psychologically."With Idan Hayosh, this year's MO Art Prize focuses on another aspect of Fluxus: Hayosh, like all previous prizewinners, works with everyday materials. In contrast to the works previously purchased for the prize for the museum collection, which always had a funny, playful side, his works are characterized by their strict form and aggressiveness," says Dr. Nicole Grothe, head of the Ostwall Museum's collection.

The art prize is linked to the purchase of a work for the collection. Thanks to the support of the Friends of the Ostwall Museum, the museum is taking over the artist's installation "Sunset (the truth series #5). This work can also be seen on level 6. A further work, which will become part of the MO collection, is still in progress.

MO Art Prize

The MO art prize "Dada, Fluxus and the Consequences" has been awarded annually since 2014 by the Friends of the Ostwall Museum. Chairman is Benjamin Sieber. An expert jury selects an artist who works in the tradition of Dada and Fluxus or whose work is inspired by the spirit of these movements. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros. This includes the purchase of an artwork donated to the museum by the Friends of the Museum Ostwall e.V. in order to expand the collection's focus on Fluxus. The previous winners were Lili Fischer (2018), Bastian Hoffmann (2017), Albert Mayr (2016), Ben Patterson (2015) and Geoffrey Hendricks (2014).


Idan Hayosh

Idan Hayosh, born 1979 in Tel-Aviv, is an alumnus of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten and a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He lives and works in Essen.

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