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Ausstellungsansicht Studio 54: Night Magic (Foto: Roland Baege)

Ausstellungsansicht "Studio 54: Night Magic" (Foto: Roland Baege)

Last chance "Studio 54: Night Magic" at Dortmunder U

Dortmund 10/5/2021

Until October 17, the special exhibition on the legendary discotheque Studio 54 is a guest in Dortmund. Last events of the supporting program focus on the nightlife and the most popular drinks of the famous club. There are only a few days left to secure tickets for the exhibition and the remaining events.

After almost three months of glitter and glamour, during which everything revolved around disco music, progressive social norms and the stars, fashions and scandals of the infamous discotheque Studio 54 on Level 6 of the Dortmunder U as part of the special exhibition "Studio 54: Night Magic," the exhibition is drawing to a close in mid-October.

After the nightclub finally closed its doors in 1986, the associated special exhibition in the Dortmunder U will also end on October 17. Until then, visitors will still have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the legendary disco and experience the fashion, music and atmosphere of Studio 54 through a diverse selection of exhibits. 

The supporting program designed for the special exhibition also has a lot to offer in the remaining weeks: As part of the "Studio 54 Club Experience," parties in the style of the disco era will once again be realized with "Studio 54 - ONE NIGHT ONLY" (October 8) on Level 7 of the Dortmunder U and "Disco Clash: Farewell Studio 54" (October 15) at Tanzcafé Oma Doris.

In a cocktail course, the most popular drinks of the extravagant guests of Studio 54 will be created (October 14, series "Kleiner Freitag") and last but not least, the Kino im U will show two cinema classics with the films "Cocktail" and "The Last Days of Disco", which also thematically deal with the fascinating disco era of the seventies and eighties.

Tickets can be purchased until the end of the special exhibition at Dortmunder U as well as on the website information on the exhibition and the events in the supporting program can also be found there.

Author: Anke Widow

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