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Unser gemeinsamer Appell: Bitte halten sie Abstand!

Unser gemeinsamer Appell: Bitte halten sie Abstand!

Appeal on the occasion of the Coronavirus

Dear people of Dortmund,

the coronavirus has largely crippled public life. Daycare centres and schools, playgrounds and football grounds are closed. Hundreds of events have been cancelled.  Clubs have shut down. Amusement parks are no longer allowed to open...

For most of us this situation is completely new. We have not yet experienced anything comparable. And there's no question about it: the now massive restrictions raise a multitude of problems in everyday life. That's why it's important that we stick together now.

It is about solidarity!

Solidarity is a concept that has a special meaning here in the Ruhr Area. The structural change in the district is based on solidarity. Therefore nobody has to explain to us Dortmunders what it means to act in solidarity. We know: In these days and weeks it means above all to protect and support those who are most at risk from the corona virus. Our elderly fellow citizens* and people with a previous illness. In addition, of course, all those people who are absolutely necessary to maintain the indispensable services, the "critical infrastructure".

The central aim of all measures is to slow down the spread of the virus so that those who need medical assistance can receive the best possible care. Together we must prevent the number of illnesses, which is already rising very rapidly, from exceeding the capacity of our health system.
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That is why we turn to you with a joint appeal:

→ Please follow the recommendations and instructions of the authorities!

→ Please avoid all unnecessary social contacts!

→ Please make only those trips (to and from work, to the pharmacy, to the doctor) that are absolutely necessary! Otherwise: Please stay at home!

→ Please observe the hygiene tips. Above all: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water several times a day!→ Please keep your

distance to other people!

→ Please support those who need our help now. Take care of shopping and errands for elderly people so that they do not have to leave the house themselves!

→ If it is possible for you: Please go donate blood so that there are enough reserves for emergencies!


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