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Spielerische Experimente mit dem Greenscreen (Foto: Boland Baege)

Spielerische Experimente mit dem Greenscreen (Foto: Boland Baege)


Experimental, playful, interactive and moving between diverse media: The UZWEI in the Dortmunder U is a place that gives young people space for an artistic approach to film, photography, gaming, programming and other digital media, as well as mixed media.

Through interdisciplinary exhibitions and workshops, the UZWEI offers a variety of media-based, aesthetic experiences: six days a week, the floor offers an interactive and participatory program. Visitors can experience and participate in changing exhibitions that give young talents and artists a platform. 

In the workshops and projects for children, teenagers and young adults, participants can try out, acquire and pass on digital technology and professional know-how themselves. Starting from the question of what moves society, they reflect on and question the (digital) world and actively help shape it.

Conjuring up, disenchanting and repurposing new technologies, questioning everything, tinkering, inventing and creating something new: From media labs, experimental film and photography courses, digital gaming culture and games, hacking, augmented reality, 3D printing and 3D animation, to digital painting in the manga drawing courses and building your own robots, UZWEI offers a broad and innovative program for a wide range of interests.

With the UZWEI Game Abenteuer U, visitors will be able to explore the Dortmunder U and especially the UZWEI in a playful way starting in winter 2020. In this way, the UZWEI is creating an interactive, digital exhibition space on which the results of the numerous workshops will be exhibited. Visitors to the in-game exhibition are invited to join in: Simply submit your own digital artworks! The best works will be regularly selected and digitally exhibited.

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