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Dortmund University of Technology / TU Dortmund

At the Dortmunder U - Center for Art and Creativity, the Hochschuletage of the Technical University of Dortmund and its exhibitors repeatedly realize projects that address both digitality and analog aspects of the digital.

For example, zukunftsSPUREN - Ein Audioguide zu Stadtbauten der Metropole Ruhr was created in the StadtSPÄHER project at the Seminar für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft in cooperation with the Stadt Bauten Ruhr project. Since August 2020, the history of the building, its transformation and the Campus City of the Technical University of Dortmund are presented. The topics are provided as free sound files for your own smartphone. They can be accessed via the page or the associated QR code and offer 20 minutes of information for a walk through the building.

In October 2020, the exhibition #onthemove - City on the Move, as a project of the Department of Educational Science with a focus on historical educational research at the TU Dortmund University, presented social science perspectives on the city as a multicoded space. The program for the exhibition offered analog and digital possibilities to move on the surface, through the urban space or in the digital space. Perceptual processes, themes, questions, and perspectives were discussed on the exhibition space at concrete locations in the urban space and in the digital space.

With Four in the Red Circle, the artistic positions of the four art teachers at the Department of Art and Art Science at TU Dortmund University will be shown, probably until January 2021. Painting, photography, sculpture, installation and drawing by Martin Kaltwasser, Bettina van Haaren, Felix Dobbert and Tillmann Damrau fill the exhibition space. The theme of the photographic work is the error-prone nature of digital photographs.

The photographs are intended to encourage the viewer to question his or her own digital and analog perception of the world. They also raise suspicion when visual habits and notions of reality are deliberately undermined.

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