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16.06.2018, 19 H

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Dortmunder U, RWE Forum | Kino im U

© Ricarda Schwede

© Ricarda Schwede

On some-or-other evening in some-or-other city, a teenager gets caught while trying to steal a car and gets beaten to death by a security man. As the citizens languish in front of their TV screens, the young people of the city are starting a rebellion against police brutality and the apathy of the city. A battleground starts to form between the endless ruins.

Amidst the chaos, there are four people: a young women on the run from the careless middle class and another trying to escape her past; a bitter man searching for his brother’s murderer and another looking for forgiveness.

And looming above all, the feeling of guilt. Who is responsible for all of this crap?


A play about hopelessness and helplessness. About the cold anger of those who have been consigned to the sidelines of society and have not been noticed for a long time.

Based on “Communiqué Numero 10” by Samuel Gallet


Director: Anna Metzler

Co-director: Stefan Moll

Starring: Nicolas Yannis Deden, Ines Reddig, Tabea Kahlstatt, Dustin Heye, John-Marten Meijer, Ricarda Schwede, Linda Cooper, Alem Ljackovic

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