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The entrance and the guided tour are free of charge.

Public guided tour "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Your Teeth"


Museum Ostwall

Design: KoeperHerfurth

Design: KoeperHerfurth

What makes our body? What does it need to exist? How do we perceive our body and the bodies of others? And what about our spiritual life? What do we love and what do we fear? What do we believe in?

Questions like these can be answered every Sunday and on selected Thursday dates in a detailed guided tour of the new collection presentation of the Museum Ostwall "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Your Teeth". 
On selected Thursdays from 18 - 19:30 

Registration is not necessary, meeting point is the entrance of the Museum Ostwall on level 5 of the Dortmunder U.
In addition, we offer a public guided tour every Sunday from 15 - 16:30.

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