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15.10. – 21.11.2021, 11 – 18 H

Ongoing observations

Patrick Borchers, Jette Flügge, Timo Klos, Ulvis Müller, Maik Ronz


Technische Universität Dortmund


For the first time, the collaborative exhibition provides an insight into the current artistic research and the work of the head of the print workshop Jette Flügge and the artistic staff at the Seminar for Art and Art Science at the TU Dortmund University Patrick Borchers, Timo Klos, Ulvis Müller and Maik Ronz.

The disciplines represented by the five exhibitors - drawing and graphics, multimedia and photography, painting, and sculpture - enter into dialogue in the exhibition with their synergies and differences in terms of content and technology. Artistic interventions question and change the contact between man and space and stimulate an extensive examination of those contents that can be experienced in teaching. They address what artistic work means in university culture, in direct visual and verbal interaction with each other and with the students in the art program at the TU Dortmund: to promote exchange and to always understand research as an indispensable reflection of teaching - and vice versa.

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