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12.05. – 13.06.2021, 11 – 18 H

mit anschlag.

internationale künstlerplakate aus der sammlung leininger


Technische Universität Dortmund

Wolfgang Leininger

Wolfgang Leininger

From 01.06.2021 the Dortmunder U is open again for visitors.

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Art and economy were and still are in a difficult (non-)relationship to each other; for a long time, this prevented posters - due to their advertising function - from being recognized as art or even as an independent work form for artists.

This is all the more astonishing because the creative possibilities of the poster as a simultaneous carrier of writing in public also open up new artistic dimensions. It was Picasso - and in his wake the masters of classical modernism - who established the flowering of the artist poster after World War II; in Germany, HAP Grieshaber was the pioneer of the artist poster.

The exhibition documents the rise of the artist poster to an independent artistic medium of image and writing, which has only emerged strengthened from all expansions of the concept of art. The exhibits all come from the collection of Dortmund economics professor Wolfgang Leininger and span a range from Picasso, Grieshaber and Janssen to Beuys, Kippenberger and artist posters from the GDR.

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