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02.12.2021, 19 H

MO Collection
level 4

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Little Friday: Dr. Horst Luckert - Kirchner and Illness

Veranstaltung, Gespräch, Vortrag

Museum Ostwall


Lecture and talk with the physician Dr. Horst Luckhaupt as part of the collection presentation "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth."
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, important representative of German Expressionism, led a life of polarity between identity and alterity. He created an extensive body of work, was one of the founders of the "Brücke", his works can be found in the major museums of Europe and America. 

The lecture will focus in particular on the artist's illnesses - always in relation to his life and work. Was there a relationship between Kirchner's creativity and mental disorders? Did he really have "war anxiety", did he fake illnesses? What ultimately led to his suicide? The contribution aims to "rethink Kirchner and - with due caution - reevaluate him."" 

Venue: MO Collection, Level 4 in the Dortmunder U




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