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23.05.2019, 18 H

Florian Cramer »Right-wing extremist Avant-pop: From the “autonomous nationalists” to “alt-right”«




Ebene 3


The USA is not the only country with "alternative right" movements and subcultures. The neo-Nazi "Autonomous Nationalists" have made appearances in Germany and Europe sporting the black bloc look and modified left-wing autonomist symbols too. This has a long history: There was (as is commonly known) a fascist artistic avant-garde alongside the left-wing avant-garde, the "New Right" at the same time as the leftist movement of 1968, right-wing extremist punk and post-punk parallel to left-wing punk culture, right-wing extremist cyber-libertarians alongside leftist cyber-anarchism – as well as blurry lines in experimentation with the fascist aesthetic and real fascism in art and underground culture. The talk examines these movements and visual cultures with the "Autonomous Nationalists" (who have a stronghold in Dortmund) and the US "alt-right" as a starting point.

Admission is free.
The lecture will be held in German.

Funded by Koordinierungsstelle für Vielfalt, Toleranz und Demokratie der Stadt Dortmund and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Funder HMKV: Kulturbetriebe Stadt Dortmund / Dortmunder U - Center for Arts and Creativity

Within the framework of the DIE VIELEN (
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