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19.02. – 11.04.2021



‚Faţadă‘ – How the Roma community reclaims housing space | Season 2 | Podcast by Olga Felker



Dortmunder U | Ebene 3 und Online


Season 2

While the first season focused on the exhibition and the workshop Mallinckrodtstraße, the second season is intended to provide space for discourse. The six episodes offer a dialogue space for diverse voices from the Roma community and Rom*nja self-organizations. In addition, topics and background issues are discussed that were only touched upon in the first season but not explained in depth (e.g. the enslavement of Rom*nja in Romania).

The episodes can be found on HMKV's website.


Episode 1: From enslavement, to forced assimilation, to the margins of society

How has the history of the Roma led to self-denial and what paths lead out of it?
– with Delia Grigore


Episode 2: Between the generations

How have the self-image and struggles of Rom*nja changed over the generations?
– with Tomas Wald and Hassan Adzaj


Episode 3: Of child brides, witches and bad mothers

How can femininity be empowering?
– with Mindj Panther


Episode 4: From silenced to narrators

How do you tell Rom*nja history in pop culture without clichés and prejudices?
– with Matilda Leko

Episode 5: Between the invisible and stereotypes

Claiming space in the majority society
— with André Raatzsch, Director of the Department of Documentation at the Center for Documentation and Culture of German Sinti and Roma, Heidelberg

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