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03.10.2021, 12 – 17 H07.11.2021, 12 – 17 H05.12.2021, 12 – 17 H02.01.2022, 12 – 17 H06.02.2022, 12 – 17 H

Entrance free!

Familiensonntag im Dortmunder U


Dortmund University of applied sciences and arts, HMKV, Museum Ostwall, Technische Universität Dortmund, Centre for cultural education

Design: Florida

Design: Florida

Every first Sunday of the month there is a colorful, free program for the whole family in our house. Admission and participation is free!





"Animal Search in the U" // Action
12:00 - 17:00
Around the staircase and on the roof terrace of the Dortmunder U, a number of animals have hidden themselves in the form of small stickers. Can you find them all? Pick up a trading card at the reception and start your search. If you have successfully found all the animals, a small reward will be waiting for you at the reception.(Meeting point: Start at the reception of the Dortmunder U,first floor)

MUSEUM OSTWALL - (Level 4 + 5)


Art workshop: Big steps and a hand's breadth - my body as a measure // Workshop
How does our body relate to space? Works of art from the Museum Ostwall's collection presentation "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth" deal with this question in different ways: Sometimes people's bodies are quite compact and clearly demarcate themselves from the surrounding space, sometimes the posture is expansive. In the exhibition we make experiments with our own body and try out to grasp the space with steps, our hand span and our body size. In the KunstAktionsRaum we will create our own artwork for body-space-measurement.
(KunstAktionsRaum,Level 4 (access via Museum Ostwall on Level 5))

"Public guided tour" // Guided tour
Public guided tour of the collection presentation "Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth". Duration: 90 min.
(entrance area of the Museum Ostwall, level 5)




Large Autumn Decoration Workshop // Action

12:00 -17:00
From branches, chestnuts, leaves and everything else that nature has to offer, wreaths and tea light holders are created for the third season. Create your favorite decorations for fall!
(Entrance area of the UZWEI, level 2) 

Monstermash // Action
12:00 - 17:00
Now it's getting spooky...! Paint a body part of an animal, for example a head, arms, legs or wings. On the computer, all the parts are then thrown together to create wildly dancing monsters.
(Entrance area of the UZWEI, level 2) 

Journey through the U // Family tour
at 12.30 p.m., 2 p.m., 3.30 p.m. each
Why does a big U light up on the roof? What treasures can be discovered inside the building and what secrets can still be revealed? Families with children between the ages of five and twelve go on an exciting journey of discovery through the Dortmunder U and experience what is made here today.Duration: 60 min.
(Meeting point at the reception of the Dortmunder U on the first floor)




Making shaman masks // Workshop
12:00 - 17:00
In this workshop you can make your own shaman mask! It can ward off evil spirits or (even better!) attract good spirits or just be fun. Various materials will be provided! From 6 years, the number of participants is limited
(Workshop room of the HMKV, level 3)

Children's rally // Action
12:00 - 17:00
In our children's rally you can playfully explore our current exhibition "Technoschamanism" with the help of riddles. It is best if you can already read, or if you are accompanied by someone who reads to you.
(Start at the entrance area of the HMKV, level 3)

Family tour // Guided tour
3:00 p.m.
Family guided tour for young and old through the current exhibition "Technoschamanism" of the HMKV.From 8 years with accompaniment, duration: 20 min.
(Start at the entrance area of the HMKV,level 3)

Public guided tour// Guided tour
12:00 - 17:00
Public guided tour through the current exhibition "Technoschamanism" of the HMKV.From 16 years, duration: 45 min.
(Start at the entrance area of the HMKV,level 3)





Family gaming in the cinema
12.00 - 17.00
For Family Sunday, our cinema is once again transformed into a digital gaming arena: family gaming on the big screen! Time and place for a bit of sociable dad-ing - some bouncing, collecting coins and lapping dad and mom at Mario Kart. All while enjoying a movie theater atmosphere! Come by and press 'start'.
(In the cinema of the Dortmunder U, first floor)

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