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13.03. – 02.05.2021

Admission free!




From 19.04.2021 the Dortmunder U is closed again.

Until then a visit to the Dortmunder U is only possible with previous APPOINTMENT and NEGATIVE CORONATEST.

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One year of Corona coverage. One year obsessed with one topic. One year of lead stories, front pages, inserts, anchor columns, infoboxes, push news, breaking news, commentary. What a blast in all those newspaper pages.

The exhibition "Corona-Newsroom" by artist Robert Szkudlarek covers one room. In it countless issues: FAZ, Welt, Zeit, taz, Bild, Süddeutsche Zeitung, RN and the Westfälischer Anzeiger, for which Robert Szkudlarek has worked as a press photographer since 2005. In the time before Corona, he captured people and their stories in his photos. In the time with Corona he does it again, the exhibition also bears witness to this. Press conferences, cultural events, meeting people: Normal work as a journalist has become a rarity. The group photo, a classic for local reporters, has to be rearranged because distance rules have to be observed. Face-to-face meetings take place with a mask or outside, press meetings on the phone or digitally. 

In the "Corona Newsroom," front pages and newspaper clippings are laid out en masse. They show the insanity that within a year became a hard-to-bear daily routine. And the obsession with which journalists devote themselves to one topic because everything else seems to them to have no alternative. What comes after Corona, we ask ourselves. But have we forgotten what exists next to Corona?

In the middle of the Dortmunder U, in the room known as the loudspeaker, Robert Szkudlarek has created the "Corona Newsroom". Even from the outside, its theme is apparent to visitors to Dortmund's prestigious project. On the glass, through which one could actually catch a glimpse of the exhibition, are terms that would have made no sense v. C.: Incidence, R-value, wave of infection. I. C. they are ubiquitous.
Robert Szkudlarek is a Dortmund native, and the heart of the city is also his presence. Born in 1967 in the city with the largest statue of Jesus in the world, Alfred Eisenstaedt and Helmut Newton have shaped his view.

In the "Corona Newsroom" visitors become part of the installation, they are surrounded by all the reflection of media on the subject. They feel the anxiety of a monothematic year and yet have time to reflect on their own headlines on blank newsprint.Small gaps in this first trinitas of Robert Szkudlarek's exhibition show the pauses that 2020 gave us to take a breath. It is the small gaps of summer, between lockdowns and waves, that first welcome us visitors and then make us collide with the force of the media landscape. The virus, it's on the newspaper pages of the "Corona Newsroom" and it's outside - in our present.

A year has passed since the first small reports of a new kind of virus in China hit the newspaper pages and yet the issue is as relevant today as it was twelve months ago because the media, politics, society are making it the focus of their stories. Because the virus has us in its grip. What does the pandemic do to us, asks Robert Szkudlarek? What does it do to us as journalists, as readers, as people?

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