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16.01.2020, 19 – 20:30 H

Admission free!


on little Friday


Foto: Original Bootcamp Design: Florida

Foto: Original Bootcamp Design: Florida

Fit into the new year - with the boot camp on little Friday!

Bootcamp means functional training with small equipment in the fresh air. With the help of the HIIT training concept, the body is brought up to full speed, strength, endurance and coordination are improved and calories are burned. At the Bootcamp in the Dortmunder U the participants have to walk through the house. At several stations from the ground floor to the roof terrace, the trainers of "Original Bootcamp" make sure that the New Year's resolution "to do more sports" becomes reality this time.

The Little Friday

Little Friday is part of our anniversary program: every Thursday from 7 pm we have planned exclusive events that will take place at different locations in and around the Dortmunder U. Herewith the anticipation of the (almost) weekend is guaranteed!

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