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09.10.2021, 19:30 H24.10.2021, 18 H29.10.2021, 19:30 H20.11.2021, 19:30 H27.11.2021, 19:30 H28.11.2021, 18 H04.12.2021, 19:30 H14.01.2022, 19:30 H16.01.2022, 18 H21.01.2022, 19:30 H22.01.2022, 19:30 H05.02.2022, 19:30 H12.02.2022, 19:30 H20.02.2022, 18 H05.03.2022, 19:30 H19.03.2022, 19:30 H20.03.2022, 18 H02.04.2022, 19:30 H

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austroPOTT - the farewell dinner

Theater, Veranstaltung

Das Abschiedsdinner (Foto: austroPott)

Das Abschiedsdinner (Foto: austroPott)

ATTENTION: The performances on 14.1 & 16.1 are cancelled due to illness!

With this premiere, the popular theater collective austroPott starts its seventh season after the corona-induced break and presents a fast-paced new production of the French social comedy around the question:
"Why do we go to invitations that we actually wish people would cancel?"

Because actually such dates rob only the rare commodity, speak time - after all, the "V.Z.F. - The available time for friends" is limited. That's why Clotilde and Pierre decide to sort by added value and consistently eliminate discarded friendships. The discarded friends are to be treated to a celebrated farewell party - but without their knowledge.

But this supposedly brilliant idea already fails on the first evening, because the selected candidate sees through the intention, does not let himself be sorted out so easily and instead brings a kind of therapy session into play. What follows are surprising confessions and twists; the unspoken, repressed emotions and hidden sensitivities break through. A fast-paced verbal exchange of the highest quality culminates in a handful of peanuts that turns everything upside down.

An entertaining comedy by the author duo of "The First Name", which questions the complex construct of friendship between supposed utility and true attachment with pointed dialogues, absurd situation comedy and tongue-in-cheek humor. And a perfect model for the trio of actors Monika Bujinski, Michael Kamp and Harald Schwaiger, which with a lot of sympathy, empathy and acting top performances skillfully and extremely entertainingly combines all facets to an enjoyable theater evening.


As in previous years, austroPott works with little budget but all the more heart and soul to realize its theater productions. Despite numerous commitments on various stages and in TV productions, the audience favorites come together for their affair of the heart in order to offer their audience sophisticated theater on an upscale boulevard level. As a collective with members of equal rank, the likeable actors take over all areas such as directing, set design, props, admissions, etc. themselves and present themselves to the audience up close and personal. The name of the group plays with abbreviations of the terms Austria and Ruhrpott to demonstrate the origins of the participants in their combination. After the Corona break last year, austroPott 2021/22 is already entering its seventh season at the Dortmunder U.

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