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Entrance Fees


Access to the Dortmunder U is free of charge.

Visits to the permanent exhibitions of the Ostwall Museum are free of charge. Temporary exhibitions on the 6th floor and guest events are usually subject to a fee.

(Information on guest events can be found under the menu item "Programme".)

Currently, you need a free appointment for the visit. You can book your appointment HERE.

For a visit of "Studio 54: Night Magic" you have to buy your ticket HERE.





MUSEUM OSTWALL (Level 4 + 5)

"Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth" 08.02.2020-27.02.2022

Showcase: "Timm Ulrichs - Welcome to the Museum Ostwall" 15.06.2021-18.07.2021 

Admission to the permanent exhibition / collection presentation is free of charge.



UZWEI (Level 2)

"Hello Again" 25.06.2021-18.07.2021

Admission is free!




"Stefan Panhans / Andrea Winkler - The Pow(d)er of I am Klick Klick Klick and a very very bad bad Musical" 15.15.2021-05.09.2021

Admission is free!


Technichal University Dortmund (Level 1)

"F2 Fotofestival - Identity" 18.06.2021-11.07.2021

Admission is free!



"Studio 54: Night Magic" 26.06.2021 - 17.10.2021

admission: 18,90€

reduced: 11,90€

Attention: Ticket purchase currently only possible at

In the case of special exhibitions and special events, the Organiser shall determine the amount of the fees.
In the case of its own special exhibitions and special events as well as temporary advertising measures, the Dortmunder U divisional management sets the fees.
The fee for other services is determined by the Dortmunder U division management.
*Dogs, unless guide dogs, are not permitted in the Dortmunder U.


Free admission:

*Visitors up to 18 years of age 

* Max. 2 accompanying persons of groups (min. 10 persons) of visitors up to 18 years 

*Members of the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and the DMB (Deutscher Museumsbund) with one accompanying person upon presentation of an appropriate identity card. 

* ADKV members 

* Members of the IAA (International Association of Art) 

* Members of the associations and federations of the Friends and Sponsors of the Museums of the City of Dortmund (e.g. MO / MKK) as well as sponsoring members of the HMKV 

* Dortmund artists on presentation of a certificate issued by the Central Services of the Museums 

* Accompanying persons of persons with disabilities and with identification mark "B".

* Journalists on presentation of their press card

Discount received:

* Pupils, students, trainees and graduates of the voluntary military service (12-23 months) or the federal voluntary service as well as the voluntary social year or the voluntary ecological year over 18 years 

* Holders of a youth leader card 

* Holders of the "Dortmund Pass

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