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The Dortmunder U is accessible for wheelchair users. (Elevators and stepless transitions) . The cinema in the U has an inductive listening system. The public area in the U is equipped with a guidance system for the visually impaired. A further extension is being planned.
Toilets for people with walking disabilities are available.


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  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Press ALT key and shortcut simultaneously. Then release the keys and confirm with the Return key.
  • Mozilla (Firefox): Press SHIFT key + ALT key + shortcut simultaneously.
  • Safari: Press ALT key and shortcut simultaneously.


  • Mozilla (Firefox): Press the CTRL key and the keyboard shortcut at the same time.
  • Safari: Press CTRL + OPTION + keyboard shortcut at the same time. 
  • Activate Tab key for browser


On a Mac, the Tab key is not set by default to navigate via links in the browser. To enable keyboard navigation, you must make the following settings:

Open the apple menu

Click on System Preferences and then on Keyboard & Mouse

Open the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

Click All Controls in the Keyboard Control pane below.

In Safari, you must also check the About tab box to highlight each object on a web page under Settings > Advanced > Help


Opera: Press SHIFT key and ESC key simultaneously. Then release the keys and press the shortcut immediately afterwards.Users of a text browser can skip the menu by using the S shortcut.
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