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© Gerber Architekten

© Gerber Architekten

RWE Forum | U Cinema

The RWE Forum on the ground-floor brings a versatile venue for presentation and communication to the U. It fulfils the spatial and technical requirements for a regular cinema programme, and for seminars and lectures as part of national and international conferences, but also for a discourse between visual artists, film-makers, media artists and the public. In addition the RWE Forum is fully equipped for screening analogue or digital film – making it one of the most modern cinema spaces in Dortmund. The RWE Forum has space for almost 200 people, and will provide lecture and film events for the U’s cultural and higher education institutions as well as for the general public.

The RWE Forum | U Cinema is an important place for the artistic-aesthetic teaching of film for schoolchildren of all ages and from all kinds of school: in project weeks and in training courses for teachers. Young people’s experiences of film and images, often made via YouTube, MySpace and other social networks, will be taken on board and then developed in a productive way. The Cinema will work closely with the Centre for Cultural Education in the U.

The cinema showings represent the ideal complement to the U’s overall artistic concept: a place both for the avantgarde of moving images and for film history, in the centre of Dortmund, for all its citizens, for the younger generation and for national and international visitors.

Responsibility for the conceptual development of the RWE Forum as a cinema is held by a supporting association whose members include the U partners as well as individuals closely involved with the U and the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne. The creation of the RWE Forum was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the RWE Vertrieb AG, Dortmund.

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